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Yay!!!!!! I really needed this! :)
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Title: I Cannot Save You, I Can't Even Save Myself
Author: [ profile] mamapranayama
Genre: Gen, hurt/comfort, horror, angst
Word Count: 2500
Rating: R
Summary: My Bloody Valentine AU: The demons sent to Sam while he was handcuffed to the sink can't get to him and his hunger for their blood drives him to go to extreme measures.

Sorry, this is unbeta'd  ...

Written for [ profile] khakigrrl 's prompt at the Anything Goes: SPN Hellatus Comment-fic Meme:Slight change to My Bloody Valentine. Instead of just handcuffing Sam and pushing an armoir in front of the bathroom door, Dean also puts a devil's trap on the door and a salt line around the armoir to seal off the door. The demons still arrive, but they have to figure out how to get rid of the salt line and get through the devil's trap to get to Sam. In the meantime, Sam can smell them and it pushes him to crazy extremes, like all the other affected people. He tears up his wrists, breaks a few bones in his hands/wrists, and badly dislocates a thumb before he can slip off one of the cuffs. He also hurts a knee trying to kick down the door before hurting his arm and shoulder flinging his body against the door before he can get the heavy armoir out of the way. Everything else proceeds as canon, but Sam can't exactly go to a hospital when he's detoxing.

I Cannot Save You, I Can't Even Save Myself )

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Title: T-shirts and Greyhounds
Author:[ profile] mamapranayama
Rating: PG
Genre: Gen, slight angst, a little humor
Summary: It's way too tight to fit anymore and he hasn’t tried to wear it in over a year, but he just can’t bring himself to throw it out.

A/N: Written to fill [ profile] strgazr04's prompt at the Anything Goes: SPN Hellatus Comment-fic Meme : Sam's greyhound tshirt post s1. "Dude, why do you even still have that thing? There's no way it'll come close to fitting you now, Sammy." Dean doesn't notice the sentimental look that passes over Sam's face.

T-shirts and Greyhounds )

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Hellatus comment-fic meme

Hey guys ...

  This summer is just too darn long, so I was just wondering if anyone out there needs more stuff to read and write about this hellatus? I know I do, so I'm gonna start a comment fic meme and this one can be about anything -- and I mean anything goes. You can prompt for hurt!Dean, hurt!Sam, Castiel, Bobby, RPS, crossovers, curtain-fic, angst, humor, crack, slash, het, gen, wincest, teen!chesters/wee!chesters, AU, minor characters ... anything you want as long as it relates to Supernatural.

                                                    1. Prompt as much as you like, but only one prompt per comment.
                                                    2. Keep spoilers for unaired episodes or triggery material under a cut.
                                                    3. Post your fic in the comments as a reply to the prompt or post a link to your story (no friends locked pages) Please also indicate with a FILLED: (title of your story) when you post.
                                                    4. Any fic rated 'NC-17' needs to be linked
                                                    5. No under-age fic or stories involving the children of SPN actors, please.

         Go nuts, have fun, play nice, and spread the word ( the more you share this, the more people we can get to participate.)



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