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Just a silly, plot-less, little story because I had this problem earlier tonight and tried just about everything to make it go away:

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These two, fluffy little quickies were written for the [ profile] spn_bigpretzel  Summer Fun!!! Comment Fic Meme  going on right now.

The first one is from a prompt by [ profile] purplecarpets :They're suffering through a horrible, evil heatwave, the A/C is dead, Dean's leg is in a cast all the way up to his knee (he might have a couple of broken-off pencils stuck in there, too) and seriously Sammy, stop hiding the remote control and for the love of God, no, please don't read stories to Dean, especially not if you found them on your summer reading list.

The Stupid Summer )

This second one is from [ profile] lolaann1 's prompt: Some illegal fireworks,Bobby's salvage yard, two bored kids. What could possibly go wrong?

Won't See 'em Again Till the 4th of July )

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Title: Delayed Reaction
Author:[ profile] mamapranayama
Rating: PG-13 (a few naughty words)
Genre: Gen.
Category: Angst, H/C, hurt!Sam, angsty!Dean
Spoilers: 7x18 and 7x19
Word Count: ~5,000 (I know, it was gonna be a short tag, but I got a little carried away with the angst)
Summary: Sam's hurt, but neither he nor Dean notices -- there's just too many other things for them to think about. (tag to 7x19)

A/N: There's no beta for this, so I apologize ahead of time for all of the grammar mistakes you are about to read.

For [ profile] khakigrrl who wrote this awesome prompt at [ profile] ohsam:

Finally got to see 7.19 tonight, and I'm wondering where's the hurt/comfort missing scene fic about the consequences of the evil ghost guy reaching into Sam's chest and squeezing? The filming red shirts only took a second or two of that punishment longer to die.

I'm thinking Sam's admittedly-high pain tolerance comes from his centuries in the cage. Yes, Cas did take Hallucifer onto himself, but he couldn't cure Sam, and I think all those memories are still there bubbling under the surface. Sam tries not to think about it, so he hasn't yet realized that unless he's in all-consuming pain, he doesn't really notice injuries.

Something like slowly bleeding to death in the hours after the attack doesn't really register, what with the thoughts in his head about Bobby still being around and about how Dean's coping. At least, not until he starts coughing up blood.

Delayed Reaction )

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Title: All Along the Watchtower
Author: [ profile] mamapranayama  
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Gen
Category: H/C, angst
Word Count: ~1800
Summary:All he can do is stand watch.

A/N: Sorry, this is unbeta'd and most likely a little confusing with my pronoun use.

This was written for the [ profile] ohsam 7x17 comment fic meme and here is the prompt by [ profile] brokenangel6662 :

Sam is wasting away, losing his mind, himself, to madness. Dean is barely holding together, spiraling faster with every dead end he finds to helping Sam. Bobby is helpless, only able to watch them deteriorate. Every name crossed off of Dean's list, every hallucination and freak out Sam has only breaks the hunter's heart more. Bonus if Bobby is utterly desperate to help Sam, frustrated at not being able to even touch him or offer comfort. Sam freaks again, yelling at Lucifer. Doctors swarm him and Bobby watches with tears in his eyes. As they pin Sam down, drug him, trap him, Bobby yells at the clearly empty space that had horrified Sam for Lucifer to leave him alone.

All Along the Watchtower )

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Title: Along Came a Spider
Author: mamapranayama
Word count: ~6000
Genre: Gen
Category: Hurt/comfort, angst
Rating: T
Summary: Sam has a run-in with an eight-legged beast. hurt/sick!Sam, caring!Dean, awesome!Bobby
Set just after 2x02 (Everybody Loves a Clown).

A/N: Here is yet another fic written for the OhSam comment fic meme. Based on this prompt from [info]road_rhythm : As many cellars, abandoned houses, rotting warehouses, and other manky spaces as these guys have run through, I figure their chances of getting tagged have to be pretty high. Sam has a run-in with Lactodectrus mactrans, which in turn leads to all the fun and joy of latrodectism.


The full prompt is here:

This is unbeta'd, so all mistakes and crimes against English grammar are mine.

Along Came a Spider )


Art: Bobby

Jul. 4th, 2011 06:06 pm
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Yet another drawing. This time it's a tired looking Bobby:

Here's the full-sized one :


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