Jun. 26th, 2012

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  I live in Colorado Springs and it has been a very devastating day for my city as winds suddenly shifted this afternoon and pushed an already massive forest fire from up in the mountains to come bearing down on our town and set entire suburban neighborhoods on fire. No one can say yet how many people have lost their homes and businesses, but considering the fact that it is moving very rapidly, I don't think we'll even be able to guess at the total number for days or how far the fires will spread into the city before it can be put under control. 

  We're about 10 miles away from the fires, but even this far away we have had heavy smoke and ash come down on us and it is truly like nothing I have ever experienced before and it's very scary to go from sunny, blue skies one moment to an eerie orange haze that blocks out the sun and covers the sky the next. Even though we're lucky to not be in a current evacuation zone, fires like this can be unpredictable and I'm not planning on getting much sleep tonight.

  I can't stop thinking about all of those people that have lost everything tonight and about how lucky I am to have what I got. My thoughts and prayers are going out all of those that had to flee their homes, those that have already lost theirs, and with the firefighters that have been working tirelessly for days already to get this under control.

 I've already made donations to both of these organizations to help those that have been forced to evacuate from their homes and if you wish to donate as well, here are their sites:

• The Red Cross in Colorado Springs is at 719-632-3563. Those wanting to donate money to the Red Cross can go here.

• The Salvation Army can take monetary donations; specify 'Northern Colorado Chapter - High Park Fire' or 'Northern Colorado Chapter - Waldo Fire:' 303-866-9216, The Salvation Army, 1370 Pennsylvania Ave., Denver, CO 80132.

Fire burns into Colorado Springs western neighborhoods


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